Secure your computer by turning off or completely disabling Java

If you have Java turned on in your web browser, or if you're unsure if Java is turned on in your web browser, this might be the best time to disable it.

Right now, cybercriminals are already exploiting the serious security flaws in Java that could lead to your computer becoming infected by Malware, may it be Window, Mac, or Linux.

Oracle didn't plan to fix these security vulnerabilities until October. However, they've just released an emergency update to address the zero-day vulnerabilities being exploited by many different criminal groups. They've also included some previously unknown vulnerabilities that we can only assume may also have been used.

Oracle officially fixed four CVEs, presumably covering five vulnerabilities. So don't wait for your auto update program to remind you, download and install them right away!

Go here for Java 7 Update 7, and here for Java 6 Update 35.

But the bigger question is, "Do you really need Java?" If you don't, then you should disable it. That is true for any application that interfaces with the internet. Fewer programs means fewer vulnerabilities.

Naked Security's Chet Wisniewski has put together simple instructions for users of the most popular browsers, explaining how Java can be disabled:

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