Enable Retrospect 6 client in OS X Lion

Okay, so you are still stuck with the trusty Retrospect 6.x in backing up your company’s work data? What if your client computers are already running Lion? Will you still be able to back them up with Retrospect 6? The answer is YES.

Though the Retrospect Client app itself is Universal Binary (Client OSX 6.2.234), the Retrospect Client installer is still based on PPC. Lion already dropped Rosetta.

Though I have tested and implemented this on my environment, I cannot guarantee that this will work for you. It is still better if you use the latest version of Retrospect here.

This method applies to Mac computers with Lion pre-installed or Macs upgraded to Lion without Retrospect Client. If you’re computer already has Retrospect Client installed, and you upgraded to Lion, Retrospect will still work without problems.

The Workaround:

  1. Find a Mac with Retrospect Client already installed on the system. Preferably a Snow Leopard Mac client.
  2. Connect to that Mac through AFP with the admin account.
  3. Navigate to its Applications folder and copy Retrospect Client app to your local computer’s Applications folder.
  4. Once copied, fire up Mac OS X Terminal.
  5. Enter the command below and confirm by entering the admin password.
  6. Open Retrospect Client and set your desired password.
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