Keep an eye on your devices part 2

For some of you who wanted to track your PC, there is an open source app that will keep track of your laptop, phone and tablet whenever stolen or missing, its called PREY.

This is more of like a Find My iPhone on Apple's iCloud but the difference is that it caters to all OS in the market including Mac OS X and iOS.

Here's how it works. 

First is you need to create free account on The free account can track 3 devices. If you require to add more devices, then you may have to purchase to their packages. Refer to prey site ( for packages and price listing.

Second, assuming you have already created a PREY account, download and install the prey client app on your laptop, phone or tablet. Visit  the prey site for the installer. The prey client app is very lightweight app that barely consume a memory or processing power and runs on every OS (Mac, Linux. Windows, Andriod and iOS).

The client app is responsible for sending signal and information to the prey server. Once the prey client app is installed, you run the client app and follow the instruction to register your device on the prey server.

Lastly, just use any computer then fire up your favourite browser and type: Log in using you prey ID and and select your device. Set the device as missing and save it. 

The client app will then start to gather information such as Screenshot using device camera, Apps used, WiFi connectivity, current user logged in, etc..). All these information will be on a report which you can access on the preyproject site. Cool eh!

Best of all, its FREE.

Visit PREY site for more info..

Post Title : Keep an eye on your devices part 2

Keep an eye on your devices part 2,

Keep an eye on your devices part 2

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