It's time to get serious about installing Anti-Virus on your Mac

This is an excerpt from the SophosLabs blog by Graham Cluley.

Mac users should get serious about installing Anti-Virus software on their Macs. Mac Trojans and Malwares are getting more and more common. So, for goodness sake, install an Anti-Virus before it's too late.

You can choose any good Mac anti-virus out there. But, why look for another when you can get it from SophosLabs for free. Click here.

On the other hand, a new Malware has just gone out in the wild trying to infect Windows computers which masks itself as a naughty nurse Sakura Shiratori. The attack was spreading through email with an attachment file called sexpicture.rar that contains a number of naked pictures of Japanese model Sakura Shiratori.

An apparent screensaver, short-SEXGPJ_1.SCR, is malicious - and detected by Sophos products as Mal/Behav-043.

Another file, short-SEX_ST_1.DOC, is detected by Sophos products as Troj/DocDrop-AF, and attempts to install further malicious code onto victims' computers by exploiting the CVE-2012-0158 vulnerability.

To get yourself protected from this threat, ensure that you have patched to the latest Windows security update here.

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