Some useful Mac OS X keyboard and mouse combinations that are often missed

Here are some useful keyboard and mouse combination to speed up your interaction with your Mac:

  1. Say, you have 8 Finder windows open, you can close 'em all at once by clicking the close button (top left corner of the current active window) while the keys command + option are pressed.
  2. You can automatically hide the currently active application and show the next app. To do this, click the app on your dock you want to show while pressing the alt key.
  3. If you want to move files from one volume to another, drag-and-drop while the command key is pressed.
  4. To duplicate or make a copy of a file, drag-and-drop while the option key is pressed.
  5. To make an alias or shortcut, drag-and-drop while the keys option + command are pressed.
  6. To quickly lock your screen, press the keys control + shift + eject (include the fn key if you're using a laptop or a keyboard with fn key present).
  7. To move a file to the trash, select the file and press command + backspace (command + delete if you're using a laptop)

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