How to temporarily reset the admin password of the Xserve RAID

So you're still managing old Xserve RAIDs but cannot login because you do not know the admin password? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Use an unbent paper clip or similar tool to BRIEFLY press the reset button of your Xserve RAID through the pinhole on the back of the controller module.
  2. Check to be sure the power LED flashes - this indicates the password is temporarily reset.

Important Note:
In this mode, settings remain untouched except for the passwords, which will change to the default settings. public for the monitoring password, private for the management password. If you did not do anything after five minutes, the previous passwords are restored. This method does not require unmounting the volume for connected computers.

See Apple's KB article here for more information about resetting the Xserve RAID:

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